Sunday, August 27, 2006

Mental & Pranic ( Energy ) benefits of Yoga Asanas

Last message we saw the physical benefits of Asanas .Today we will see the Mental & Pranic benefits of Asanas .Before that we will just define what Parna is briefly .

Prana is a universal energy ,that is very subtle ,cant be seen with the eyes but definitely felt when we do yoga , pranayama and meditation .It is called as Chi in Chinese and Ki in Japanese . There are various ways to manipulate and store this prana and yoga is one way .The other methods being Tai chi , Qi Gong , Reiki etc .

Now Coming to the pranic benefits of asanas :

Asanas work in the same way as acupuncture or shiatsu , but the Yogic system of pranic balancing is more subtle .To gain the benefit , you must practice asanas regularly over a period of time , but once you feel the benefits ,they will last longer .The different poses put pressure on various points , purifying and strengthening the nadis ( energy channels ) .

Mental benefits of asanas:

Steady postures (asanas ) free the mind from disturbances caused by physical movement , promoting steadiness of mind , balancing the emotions , and improving your outlook on life .

Although asans seem to be physical exercises ,they have profound effect on the energy body .



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