Friday, August 25, 2006

What are Asanas ?

are yogic postures and form the third step in Raja Yoga . In Hatha Yoga they form a very important part and in modern context practice of Yoga means practice of Yoga asanas or Yoga postures .

According to Yogic texts there are 84 lacs of Asanas . Basically this is an exaggerated figure but given to explain that every creation and object in the world can be expressed in the form of a yoga asana . But practically speaking we can say that there are 84 Classical Yoga postures . But since it is difficult practicing all of them , my Yoga Guru Swami Vishnu devananda , founder Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre has formed a brilliant sequence of 12 basic postures that reflect the essence of these 84 postures . These 12 Basic postures along with Soorya Namaskar are enough to give a wonderful exercise to any busy person in day to day life .

What are the benefits of Yoga Asanas ? These we will discuss it in the next message .



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