Sunday, August 20, 2006

Two Broad Types of Meditations

Before we go deeper in to meditation certain things have to be clarified . There are various techniques of meditation available world wide and every seeker is confused which technique should be chosen . Some say focus on mantra / God , focus on breath , focus on light etc and some insist on daily meditation for fixed time etc while some other teachers ridicule this whole thing and say that meditation is not just a 15- 30 mt activity but a 24 hr activity etc . Some teachers say meditation should involve God some say it need not and this debate goes on .

So as a spiritual aspirant what should one look out for .We can be more clear if we understand that all meditations world wide are divided in to 2 broad groups :

A) Meditation involving "focus / Concentration" of an object- Raja Yoga Meditations

B) Meditation involving "understanding" the meditator - Jnana Yoga Meditations

Almost all the major meditations of the world come under type A i.e Raja Yoga Meditations .This involves "focus/concentration" of a mantra / deity , breath , light, a chakra or any other pleasing object .Those who believe or have faith in God can use a mantra or an image of a deity for concenration and those who do not beleive in God can use their breath , a light or any pleasing object as the "object of concentration " .

This is mostly an exercise in concentration and it will give the following benefits :

1) a mind that is one pointed and restful

2) a mind that is quite calm

3) it gives him great rest and relaxation and that keeps his mind clear and he can take proper decisions in life .

4) Intense practice of these meditations leads to a samadhi state i.e a state of mental suspension like deep sleep also called in yogic language like "Nirvikapla Samadhi"

5) Intense practice of these meditations also leads to him developing siddhis or powers like ESP , Thought reading etc .

But the big question is whether these Type -A or Raja Yoga Meditations lead to the end of the spiritual journey .The answer is NO . But at the same time we cant dismiss it because on the spiritual path one needs to start first with Raja Yoga Meditations and go to the next step of Jnana Yoga Meditations to complete the spiritual journey .

What is Type B or Jnana Yoga Meditations we will see in the next message .



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