Friday, August 11, 2006

Karma and Reincarnation

Meditation unleashes immense potential .We gain mastery of the mind by bringing a halt to its incessant chatter and teaching it to focus in a concentrated manner .Awareness of thought patterns helps to give the power to project thought to others .But we must be careful to send only vibrant , positive thoughts . According to laws of physics “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction “ .This is applicable to our thoughts and actions also . Whatever thought or deed comes from a person will return to him .It may not come in the same form, but sooner or later each will confront the results of his own actions .This is the Law of Karma .

Karmic reactions are not always experienced immediately .Sometimes lessons are not easily learned , and negative patters may continue for many years .A single lifetime usually is not sufficient for anyone to attain perfection .So each person reincarnates again and again .This is the reason for the apparent inequality between people i.e some are rich ,some are poor , some healthy some sick etc .To blame our difficulties or unfortunate circumstances etc on Parents , God , country etc is not the right attitude .Only when we realize that we are caught up in our own web and begin to spiritualize our lives , do we break out of the wheel of births and death, and find peace and union in the Self .

So how do we break out of these cycle of birth and death ? This is exactly where the Science of Yoga comes . By following a Yogic life style we can slowly eradicate the negative thoughts and actions from our lives and replace it with positive thoughts and actions and in due course be able to come out of the cycle of birth and death .

Condensed and Modified version from Swami Vishnu devananda’s book "Meditation & Mantras" pg.6 & 7


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