Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Self

There is a Power, an Energy , which each person can tap into if he knows it is available .This force inspires , encourages , reinforces , and give strength to those who seek to grow in a positive direction .

This source of wisdom is the Self .The Self is not the individual body or mind , but that aspect deep inside each person that knows the Truth .It exists in each being, and yet it exists independently also .Some call it God .Others call it Jehovah , Allah , Brahman , Cosmic Consciousness ,Atman ,Holy Spirit , or the Universal Mind .The names and paths are many , but there is one Essence which pervades all beings .

The Self is impossible to understand with the limited senses and intellect .The human mind cannot fathom the Infinite and the Eternal .Therefore a visualization is sometimes used to help one focus to the Supreme .Christians may meditate on the image of a cross, or the form of Jesus Christ .Hindus may picture Lord Shiva meditating atop the Himalayas .Those who conceive of the Absolute in more abstract terms may concentrate on a candle flame , a charka ( energy center of the body ), or the sound of OM .But these are only partial impressions of the Truth .

There is no way to intellectually define or describe that which is limitless .It is only through direct experience that Absolute Knowledge can be attained .Through the protracted practice of meditation it becomes possible to still the outgoing mind , develop intuitive abilities , and touch that part of the Supreme that lies within all .

Swami Vishnu devananda from the book "Meditation & Mantras" pg.5 & 6


Anonymous VS said...

To add to what you have posted, I would mention that Eckhart Tolle in one of his talks, said that true meditation is "To Be As you Are".

Till we reach that stage, though in real terms, there is no stage or goal, saints and yogis prescribe some symbol or mantra for the mind to become one-pointed and satvic. Only then is the SELF supposed to pull back and completely destroy the primal "I" thought.

I guess, all paths are valid, and each person would choose a path that is aligned with his or her prarabdha, and mental conditioning.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Krishna said...


What u say is true . All spiritual practises are for purifying and making the mind one pointed .What sort of practise that one does is determined by his prarabdha ( past actions ) . We continue from what we left from in last life .

8:46 PM  

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