Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Thought Power

Every person projects some kind of vibration .Some people are a pleasure to be with .They seem to have a certain prana , or energy , that they share with others .Then there are those who are negative and depressed ; they seem to actually draw prana out of others .The reason for this is that there is a power contained in thought .It is very subtle , yet it does exist and is extremely powerful .Whether a person is aware of it or not , he is constantly transmitting and receiving thoughts .

Thoughts control our lives, mould our characters , shape destiny , and affect other people .When the potential contained in the power of thought is realized , it is the beginning of great spiritual growth in the individual ; a great step forward for all of humanity .

Swami Vishnu devananda from the book "Meditation & Mantras" pg. 4&5

( Note : Here Prana = Universal Energy .It will be explained and elaborated later )


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