Thursday, August 24, 2006

What is Hatha Yoga ?

Raja Yoga is the scientific psychological approach focusing on concentration and meditation . Hatha Yoga , is actually an aspect of Raja Yoga .It starts with the physical body and goes on to work with the energies of the astral body .The main components of Hatha Yoga are :1) Asanas ( Yogic Postures ) 2) Pranayama ( Yogic Breathing Exercises ) and 3) Kriyas ( Yogic Cleansing exercises ) .

In modern world Yoga practice means mostly Hatha Yoga practice as everyone involved in Yoga are usually practicing Asanas and Pranayama .Hatha Yoga acts as a base for Raja Yoga and Raja Yoga acts as a base for Jnana Yoga .So the spiritual journey actually starts with Hatha Yoga and this is the following route :

Hatha Yoga leads to Raja Yoga leads to Jnana Yoga .



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