Wednesday, August 30, 2006

How are Yoga postures classified ?

We saw that the no of classical postures are 84 in number and they are classified in the following five broad categories :

1) Sitting Meditative Postures eg : Padmasan ( Lotus posture )
2) Forward bending postures eg. Paschi-motan-asan ( Sitting forward bend )
3) Backward bending postures eg . Dhanur-asan ( Bow )
4) Twisting postures eg.Ardha Matsyendra –asan ( Half spinal twist )
5) Balancing postures eg. Kak-asan ( Crow )

These five categories are only indicative in nature and we need not strictly hold on to it . So when ever we do yoga practice we must see to it that our practice has the postures of the above 5 categories . The 12 Basic postures as designed by Swami Vishnu devananda has all the postures that fit in to the above 5 category and hence is a complete system of exercise in itself .

The basis on which the postures are classified is in the way the spine is getting manipulated and exercised completely .It is not only at the spinal level but also at the muscular level the entire muscular system is toned .



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