Monday, September 01, 2008

Is creative happiness realizable ?

That is, can the mind keep in touch with that which is the source of all happiness ? Can this openness be sustained in spite of knowledge and technique , in spite of education and the crowding in of life ?It can be , but only when the educator is educated to this reality , only when he who teaches is himself in touch with the source of creative happiness .So our problem is not the pupil , the child , but the teacher and the parent .Education is a vicious circle only when we do not see the importance , the essential necessity above all else , of this supreme happiness .After all , to be open to the source of all happiness is the highest religion ; but to realize this happiness , you must give right attention to it , as you do to business .The teacher's profession is not a mere routine job , but the expression of beauty and joy ,which cannot be measured in terms of achievement and success .
The light of reality and its bliss are destroyed when the mind ,which is the seat of self , assumes control .Self -knowledge is the beginning of wisdom ; without self-knowledge , learning leads to ignorance ,strife and sorrow .

J Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Living , Series-2 ,Ch-1- Creative Happiness



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