Friday, August 29, 2008

Just be quiet

Many methods are prescribed for different temperaments .All methods teach you to do something .It may be physical , oral , or mental activity .All these exercises involve mental gymnastics .You never keep quiet .Nobody teaches this simple truth .
If you are quiet the religions will fail .The false teachings will fail .Just keep quiet .That is the way to find peace and love among people .Keep quiet .Then the whole structure of religion will collapse .Religions give you fear .Fear of hell .If you don't do this , you will go to hell .All religions preach this fear .All religions are based on the fear of hell .No religion teaches you to just keep quiet .
If you keep quiet , for just a few minutes out of your entire span of life , perhaps you will win peace .That's the way to approach reality , liberation , nirvana .Keep quiet .
This is up to you .According to their temperaments , people select their own way and follow their own way .Very few will keep quiet for even five minutes .Instead ,they go to the Himalayas ,they go to the temples ,they go on pilgrimages .But very few spend five minutes in their house keeping quiet .
Then there is no need for a teacher .If the teacher says "just keep quiet," then the business of the teacher doesn't flourish .
If the teacher says, "You've got nothing to do whatsoever , you are just to keep quiet ," why is the teacher needed ? His business will not run , so he has to tell you to do something .No religion will confirm , no books will be published .No teaching will flourish .Just to be quiet .And without quiet there is no rest ANYWHERE .

Poonja alias Papaji

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