Sunday, May 18, 2008

Power of a Jnani's Words

If a jnani says 'You are consciousness, you are the Self,' then there is a power in those words that comes from the experience and authority of the person who says them. If you hear those words with a quiet, still mind, then those words have the power to reveal their true meaning to you. An ajnani can say that to you and it will just be a piece of information that you store in your memory, but when a jnani says something like this, it has the power to silence the mind and reveal the true import of the words themselves.

For this to work two things are necessary: the words must come from an enlightened being, and they must be listened to with a silent mind that does not think about or analyse what has been said. Personally. I believe that the power of a jnani's words will remain even if they are read in a book after the jnani has passed away.

David Godman



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