Monday, January 14, 2008

Foucs on changing yourself

People want others to change but they do not include themselves in the project .today every intelligent person feels that a drastic change is needed in political, social , economic , academic fields ; that the world needs a great revolution .They believe that when the systems change it will usher in a new ear of progress , peace and prosperity .

Philosophers down the ages have been hooping to achieve transformation by changing ideologies .But the change that happened through outward revolutions was temporary and only on the surface .

It is Osho who , for the first time , points out that all revolutions failed because the revolutionaries dealt with ideas , not reality .Society is an idea , the state is another idea , humanity is a hazy blur and systems are mere concepts run by individuals .It boils down to one basic reality : it is the individual who really exists .If a change has to be brought about , it has to occur in the individual .You cannot change the shadows , you have to change the original form that is casting the shadow .
Osho makes another point of great importance .The individual who needs to be changed is you , not someone else .Change , like charity begins at home .Each person has to take the responsibility to change himself or herself .We have no right to try to change others ; it is an invasion in their privacy .

Osho does not only present this new vision, he gives us the tools to make it happen : expressive and cathartic meditations and meditative therapies especially developed for today's men and women .These are joyous and playful techniques - not the old fashioned methods based on control and repression .Tens of thousands are doing them and experiencing remarkable changes in themselves .

Surprisingly ,these people who are deeply involved in transforming themselves don't worry about the world .The world around them changes for the better by itself .

From the Editorial of Osho Times ,July 2007


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Understand that ego is not real

To begin with, the idea that you have to kill the ego is one that is counter-productive because all such efforts only keep the ego going. Instead, come to see that the ego isn't real; when that is seen to be the case then there will be a dissolving of identification with ego. With that dis identification the ego will still arise but will no longer cause the trouble it currently does; one will no longer get sucked into it and get lost there.

Use times when you aren't feeling emotional turmoil to simply look at things without commentary - just return again and again to what's actually before you, the naked sensory input of it. When you find that you've strayed into thought return to what's actually real. This will be training ground for when you do experience emotional turmoil. When that happens, turn attention very closely to what is actually felt, the naked sensory input, and when labels about those sensations arise return again to the actual sensation. Do this again and again.

Kiki's wisdom


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You can see the rebelliousness of Zen

Every religion is concerned that you should be good , you should not be bad, you should be respectable , you should not be condemned by society .You should not lose your good repute even if you have to be a hypocrite. Just be good , even though the good is not arising on its own , but you are forcing it .

It is the greatness of Zen: Don't have any thoughts about good or bad . Be absolutely a witness , and while you are just a witness , whatever happens through you is bound to be good .The whole world may condemn it ; it does not matter .You have to listen only to your own heart .

The Buddha : The Emptiness of the Heart


Happy New Year 2008

Dear Friends

Wishing you all a Very Healthy ,Wealthy , Prosperous and spiritually fulfilling New Year 2008 .I was not active in updating my blog in the past couple of weeks and will do so from now onwards .In order to maintain quality of postings I will post only few per week and not daily .That will ensure that I post the high quality ones .

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