Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Concentration on any symbol

All of creation is God , according to Advaita , or monistic Vedanta .Intense Concentration on any symbol can , therefore , eventually lead to God-Realization .Abstract symbols , because they are not emotional , uplift the mind and are more effective than those that are emotionally colored and drag the mind downward .

Swami Vishnu devananda, Meditation & Mantras

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Concentration if first stage of Meditation

In YOGA ,as in other spiritual disciplines , concentration is the first stage of meditation ,which in turn leads ultimately to experience of God .What most people think of as meditation is , in fact concentration .The focussing power of the mind is brought to bear on one abstract or uplifting symbol .When all extraneous waves are stilled , one goes straight to the Source like a truly shot arrow .There are many streets leading to the heart of a city .You reach it by following one of them , not by wandering from route to route .

Swami Vishnu devananda, Meditation & Mantras

Friday, December 15, 2006

Using one's own inherent power

In man's struggle to achieve any desired end , there is no necessity for him to turn to external forces .He contains within himself vast resources of inherent power lying untapped or only partially used .Because he has scattered his faculties on a hundred different things , he fails to achieve anything substantial , despite inherent potentialities .If he intelligently regulates and applies them, concrete results are ensured .To use his existing forces rationally and effectively , he need not wait for the invention of new methods for guidance .Nature itself abounds in instructive lessons .

Swami Sivananda , Concentration and Meditation

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Learn detachment through Karma Yoga

Through Karma Yoga , the path of selfless service , you can learn detachment in everyday life .This is the first essential step of meditation .Do not be misled by the promise of instant meditation .It is a long and disciplined path .The goal , however , can be reached if you make a determined effort .

Swami Vishnu devananda, Meditation & Mantras

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Positive effects of meditation

A person who meditates can turn out more work in less time . He has peace within .His actions are all on a pure level, and those who come in contact with him are uplifted .In his dynamic presence people find strength and encouragement .They are inspired to perform actions that they could not otherwise do .Lethargy vanishes in the presence of a true yogi .

Swami Vishnu devananda, Meditation & Mantras

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Detachment from action does not mean shrinking responsibilities . A haphazard life is not yogic , for it engenders no steadiness of mind .When a yogis takes on a job, he finishes it .His mind does not waver ; that is the secret of his success .If he assumes a responsibility , his mind is focussed steadily on it until completition .Because it can be focussed at all times , the yogic mind is powerful .The average person does a little here and there , keeping several projects going and finishing nothing .There is no meditative state of mind .

Swami Vishnu devananda, Meditation & Mantras

Monday, December 11, 2006

A true meditator

A true meditator is circumspect .Outwardly he appears to be an ordinary person , but inside he is a fathomless ocean .He has touched infinite peace ; nothing can change him .Karma Yoga leads to that peace which , once tasted , can never be described .Time and patience are necessary to reach it .

Swami Vishnu devananda, Meditation & Mantras

Sunday, December 10, 2006


Detachment may be learned through service .Until it is acquired and one is able to renounce emotional ties to one's labor , no meditation is possible .As the detachment increases , it becomes easier and easier to disassociate from activities .Then when the eyes are closed , the mind will remain unperturbed; it has been trained to focus inwardly at all times .Others may see a Karma Yogi and think he is just another person working; they will not know the secret of his inner peace .

Swami Vishnu devananda, Meditation & Mantras

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Nature of a Karma Yogi

A true Karma Yogi is continuously meditating .When he helps others his attitude is "Lord, I am working , worshipping and serving You through this particular person . Thank you for giving me this opportunity ." He also detaches himself from the effect of the action , whether good or bad .Whether working in the kitchen , worshipping in the temple , or mowing the lawn, the Karma Yogi knows that he is different from the work , and that the work is only a way of achieveing the Supreme .

Swami vishnu devananda. ,Meditation & Mantras

Friday, December 08, 2006

Karma Yoga as a means for Meditation

In order to sit for meditation, the mind must be detached and withdrawn from day to day concerns .The means for achieveing this is Karma Yoga , or selfless service .It is the fundamental step on which meditation is built ; no meditation is possible without it .Through service to others without thought of personal gain , positive thinking is also practiced in daily life .

Swami Vishnu devananda , Meditation & Mantras

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

About Meditation

Meditation means a continuous dehypnotising from identification with body , mind , name and form .It must start in everyday life .If you cannot be detached from the day to day activities , it will be difficult to enter into meditation .If there is continuous identification with your actions , then those same activities will go on even when the body is sitting still .The eyes may be closed , hands-clasped and feet crossed , but the mind will not be checked .There remains the identification with the mental play .Activity or inactivity makes no difference .The mind plays its part in all directions .
Swami Vishnu devananda , Meditation & Mantras

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Hatha Yoga - Classical View

Hatha Yoga - Classical View

In last message we saw the basic definition of Hatha Yoga and also looked briefly in to the various schools of Yoga .Today we will go in to deeper aspects of Hatha Yoga and how it is viewed in the Classical Texts .Traditionally Hatha Yoga is viewed purely as a spiritual practice and it was not restricted just to physical practice but to rouse the inner power called the "Kundalini Shakthi" . Hatha is composed of 2 words Ha and Tha meaning sun /moon , yin /yang , prana / apana etc .Basically according to Classical Texts Hatha Yoga is the union of 2 pposite energies : prana/apana at the base of the spine in muladhar chakra and due to that arousing the serpent power called " Kundalini " and taking it to sahasrar or Crown Chakra .This process is done by first purifying the body through Kriyas or Yogic cleansing exercises and then doing doing asanas and pranayama to purify the nadis ( or nerve channels ) and once purified to awaken the energey and take it to the higher levels through Bandhas ( Yogic Locks ) .All details about how to purify the body through yogic kriyas , asanas , pranayama and awaken the energy through yogic locks called Bandhas are documented in the Classical text : Hatha Yoga Pradipika .This is the text of Hatha Yogis .But we must remember that Hatha Yoga Pradipika gives the basic guidelines but it must be practised under the guidance of a teacher in real life and in an ashram like environment .In the Sivananda System there is a course Called " Sadhana Intensive " that is of 2 weeks duration and is fully modelled on the Sadhana aspect of Hatha Yoga Pradipika and it is only for those who are serious in doing Yoga Sadhana and who have done their Teacher certification in Sivananda System .

More details in my next message .

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga

When the word 'Yoga' is talked about there is always confusion with regard to the usage of words like Hatha Yoga ,Ashtanga Yoga , Raja Yoga , Patanjali Yoga etc . My current messages are to clear the confusion of such terms .First let us deal with Hatha Yoga .

What is Hatha Yoga ?

Hatha Yoga is the practical side of Yoga that involves all the yogic practices like Asanas , Pranayama , Bandhas , Mudras ,Krisyas etc . out of these Asanas and Pranayama are quite commonly practiced and we will be dealing with them first .A person is said to be practising Hatha Yoga is he/she is practising Asanas and Pranayama .However there are various schools of Yoga and each prescribe different set of Asanas/Pranayama to be practiced and there is no uniformity in this .However the aim of every school of Hatha Yoga is to keep a person fit , full relaxed and have a supple and energetic body and a clam mind .Some of the Popular Schools of Hatha Yoga are :1 ) Sivananda 2) Ashtanga 3) Iyengar 4) Bikram 5) Power Yoga 6) Jeeva Mukthi 7) Anusara 8) Integral 9) viniYoga etc .These schools vary in degree with regard to the intensity of their yoga practice for eg : Ashtanga ,Power Yoga and Bikram Yoga are quite intense in their work out and are very popular in West . Sivananda is a moderate system and more focussed on the spiritual side of Yoga and has its students world over . Iyengar is also popular and more emphasis is here on precision and alignment . Viniyoga is a very mild system and popularised by the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram .They lay more emphasis on Patanjai Yoga Sutras .
So according to your taste of whether u prefer intense , moderate or mild yoga practice you can choose any particluar school .Some schools like Sivananda focuses on making yoga a spiritual sadhana and not just as another form of exercise so if you are intersted in progressing spiritually using yoga as a tool then the Sivananda System is the best .The founder of the Sivavnada System ,Swami Vishnu devananda has built Ashrams in various parts of the world where there is a prescribed Ashram program along his philosophy of "Five Points of Yoga " (dealt earlier in my blog) .By immersing yourself in the Yoga Sadhana in an ashram like environment you can see wonderful results on the benefits of Hatha Yoga on yourself quickly .

More about this in my next message .

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