Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mind in a State of Inquiry

For the total development of the human being, solitude as a means of cultivating sensitivity becomes a necessity. One has to know what it means to be alone, what it is to meditate, what it is to die; and the implications of solitude, of meditation, of death, can be known only by seeking them out. These implications cannot be taught, they must be learnt. One can indicate, but learning by what is indicated is not the experiencing of solitude or meditation. To experience what is solitude and what is meditation, one must be in in a state of inquiry; only a mind that is in a state of inquiry is capable of learning. But when inquiry is suppressed by previous knowledge, or by the authority and experience of another, then learning becomes mere imitation, and imitation causes a human being to repeat what is learnt without experiencing it.

From the Book, Life Ahead by J Krishnamurti


Reason for this long break

I have not been posting in this blog for the past 3 months because I was involved in preparing for my Spiritual Intensive in Januray 2010 . I successfully completed my spiritual intensive in Jan 2010 at the Sivananda Ashram in Madurai and spent the next few weeks in solitude absorbing the wonderful effects of the intensive and slowly started to get back to my normal teaching schedule . I still maintain my solitude and keep away from the net as much as possible except for checking my emails and for posting on my blogs etc .So from now on I will be regular in updating my blogs .