Monday, January 14, 2008

Foucs on changing yourself

People want others to change but they do not include themselves in the project .today every intelligent person feels that a drastic change is needed in political, social , economic , academic fields ; that the world needs a great revolution .They believe that when the systems change it will usher in a new ear of progress , peace and prosperity .

Philosophers down the ages have been hooping to achieve transformation by changing ideologies .But the change that happened through outward revolutions was temporary and only on the surface .

It is Osho who , for the first time , points out that all revolutions failed because the revolutionaries dealt with ideas , not reality .Society is an idea , the state is another idea , humanity is a hazy blur and systems are mere concepts run by individuals .It boils down to one basic reality : it is the individual who really exists .If a change has to be brought about , it has to occur in the individual .You cannot change the shadows , you have to change the original form that is casting the shadow .
Osho makes another point of great importance .The individual who needs to be changed is you , not someone else .Change , like charity begins at home .Each person has to take the responsibility to change himself or herself .We have no right to try to change others ; it is an invasion in their privacy .

Osho does not only present this new vision, he gives us the tools to make it happen : expressive and cathartic meditations and meditative therapies especially developed for today's men and women .These are joyous and playful techniques - not the old fashioned methods based on control and repression .Tens of thousands are doing them and experiencing remarkable changes in themselves .

Surprisingly ,these people who are deeply involved in transforming themselves don't worry about the world .The world around them changes for the better by itself .

From the Editorial of Osho Times ,July 2007



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