Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Mirror of Consciousness

Remember, all you are is consciousness, everything that arises within it changes, but not what you are. Think of it this way: What you are is a perfect mirror which only reflects what stands before it. Does a mirror judge itself in any way? No, it just reflects. Does it lament the past. No, it just reflects the present. Does it fear the future? No, it just reflect what is before it. But the mind/ego creates goals, wants to "be something special" in its own eyes or in the eyes of others. It thinks about the past, it regrets its mistakes, it plans for what it calls the future, it feels anxious about that imaginary future, it feels somehow that it doesn't "measure up", that it hasn't made its mark in the world, and on and on it goes. All that does is allow the mirror of consciousness to reflect that as well - it's very good at reflecting illusions. But when the mirror of consciousness has been cleaned of those things which are illusory, what remains? Consciousness reflecting without the distorting influence of mind/ego, and that, whether your ego believes it or not, is pretty awesome.

This emerging consciousness in people, this ability to reflect without distortion is huge in terms of what it can mean for the world of form. Could there possibly be anything greater? Can anything measure up to this? So your ego feels "left behind", not accomplishing some idea it has of what should be. Big deal! That kind of thinking only contributes to the familiar world we find ourselves in. Being a true reflector of the world is the very basis of changing that world. Without "doing" anything other than consciously being what you really are you are changing the world. Magnificent! I bow to all of you. I salute the light within you and give you thanks on behalf of the world.

Kiki's Wisdom



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Beautifully put by Kiki. His insights are refreshing.

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