Friday, July 02, 2010

Contend with only one day at a time

Your life is rationed out to you only in tiny sections or little, individual days. You are only required to attend to one section at a time, not all of life at once. Therefore, contend with only one day at a time. This is the secret.
Swami Chidananda.

This above quote by Swami Chidananda is worth introspecting by everyone . Today people want to do many things at a time and finally they end up doing nothing properly and are frustrated . Except for few people not many are skilled in multi tasking and it is better people learn to take one job at a time and do it slowly but steadily .A thousand mile journey starts with a single step and if we start taking such single steps slowly but steadily we may progress much faster then breaking our heads in to developing many smarter strategies of how to finish the Thousand mile journey quickly and finally end up only having strategies on our table without even taking a single step . This is more visible in a Yoga practice . Some people wait for the ideal vacation or holiday or time or situation to restart their yoga practice and never end up doing the same when such a holiday or situation turns out .It would be much better if they had rolled their mat then and there and done a few minutes of simple asana practice daily and such a daily practice would have created a momentum in them that would come in handy when they get a holiday or vacation for a longer practice .

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