Thursday, November 05, 2009

Don’t waste a single moment

Man is born only as a potential. If you don’t develop your potential, if you don’t grow spiritually, you are just like an ox. The body will go on becoming bigger and bigger, but that is not growth. Growing old is not growing up, growing physically is not growing spiritually. And unless you grow spiritually you are wasting a precious opportunity.
Man is the only being on the earth who can attain to buddhahood. Elephants and lions and tigers can’t become buddhas. Only man can become a buddha, only man can become a thousand-petaled lotus, only man can release the fragrance called God.
Don’t waste a single moment in anything else. Do the necessary things, the essential things, but pour more and more energy into watchfulness, awareness. Wake up! Unless you become a buddha you have not lived at all, because you will not know the great poetry of life, the great music of existence. You will not know the celestial celebration that goes on and on, you will not know the dance of the stars. It is for you to become part of this celebration. This bliss is for you! All these flowers and all these songs and all these stars are for you. You are entitled to miracles — but grow up, wake up! Enough for today.

Source: from Osho Book “Dhammapada Vol 5

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Anonymous Chrissy said...

I've been reading a great book relating spiritual messages called Decoding The Spiritual Messages of Everyday Life. The author Dr. Paul DeBell, uses science to help us overcome challenges and become more perceptive, creative, and fulfilled. He has lectured and conducted workshops on the relevance of our soul's contribution to everyday life in hospitals and universities, as well as the United Nations, which I would like to attend.

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