Saturday, March 01, 2008

Meditation is an attitude not an activity

Meditation is an attitude not an activity , so whatever you do can become meditative .The so-called meditation that people go on doing is not meditation .It is the attitude of being in the present which is the core ,the central , the essential thing .
Do whatever you are doing - walking on the street , running , taking a bath , eating , going to sleep, lying on the bed , relaxing - and remain with the activity totally ,with no past , no future ,remain in the present .It will be difficult in the beginning - very difficult and very arduous but by and by you will get the feel of it and then a new door will open a new realm .Then the thought process will no longer be there .
By that I don't mean to say that you will become incapable of thinking ; on the contrary , only then will you be capable of thinking .Thinking is a different thing from this mad rush of thoughts .This crowd of thoughts is not thinking at all .The thoughts go on and on , and you cannot do anything about them .You are just a victim , not a thinker .You suffer , you try not to think about them .

So be aware .Don't waste the present anymore .Live in the present .Live in the meditative quality of the present .




Blogger Poetryman said...

the heart rises with sun over still and peaceful waters.

Be thou blessed.

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