Thursday, September 06, 2007

Do small things with Enthusiasm

. Life consists of small things, but if you can bring the quality of cheerfulness to small things, the total is tremendous. So don't wait for anything great to happen. Great things happen -- it is not that they don't -- but don't wait for the something great to happen. It happens only when you start living small, ordinary, day-to-day things, with a new mind, with new freshness, with new vitality, with new enthusiasm. Then by and by you accumulate, and that accumulation one day explodes into sheer joy. But one never knows when it will happen. One has just to go on collecting pebbles on the shore. The totality becomes the great happening. When you collect one pebble, it is a pebble. When all the pebbles are together, suddenly they are diamonds. That's the miracle of life. So you need not think about these great things. There are many people in the world who miss because they are always waiting for something great. It can't happen. It happens only through small things: eating, taking your breakfast, walking, taking your bath, talking to a friend, just sitting alone looking at the sky or lying on your bed doing nothing. These small things are what like is made of. This is the very stuff of life. So do everything cheerfully and then everything becomes a prayer. Do it with enthusiasm. The word 'enthusiasm' is very beautiful. The basic root means 'god-given'. When you do something with deep enthusiasm, God is within you. The very word 'enthusiasm' means 'a man who is full of God'. So just bring more enthusiasm into life, and fear and other things will disappear on their own. Never be bothered by negatives. You burn the candle and the darkness goes on its own. Don't try to fight with the darkness. There is no way because the darkness does not exist. How can you fight with it? Just light a candle and the darkness is gone. So forget about the darkness, forget about the fear. Forget about all those negative things that ordinarily haunt the human mind. Just burn a small candle of enthusiasm.




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