Friday, July 27, 2007

Society is afraid of your transformation

Society is not at all interested in your transformation ; on the contrary , it is very much afraid of your transformation because if you become transformed society will not be so easily able to oppress, exploit you .It will not be so easy to enslave you .If you become transformed , if you become full of light , you will be rebellious .Light brings rebellion .




Blogger Vinito said...

Hello Krishna

28 years ago I was an ardent follower of Baghwan now known as Osho. He is still close to my heart although I have moved on since he died. Some of his discourses are beautiful. I particularly am fond of his talks on TAO the three treasures.
However sometimes he went of on a tangent that is no help to a true seeker. This quote is from one of those talks.
He says here that "if you become transformed society will not be able to oppress or exploit you. you". This is true, because when you awaken you are out of the ego and mind game on which it all runs. You can see right through all the manipulations.

However knowing this, will not help you to awaken. It is simply a truth given as entertainment.

He also says here that "if you become full of light, you will be rebellious".

This can easily be taken the wrong way.

When awakening happens there is a sense of oneness, it is clearly seen that separation is an illusion of the mind. It is seen that all things are connected - really a living truth and not as a theory.

The identification with the ego is dissolved. One no longer is fooled by the egoic minds false promises and dreams.

One sees that all is an expression of god.
One is beyond the duality of good and bad, right and wrong, love and fear, life and death.
All is one.

In this awakened state their is no rebellion to what is. What would you be rebelling against but the all that is god. There is no identification with the egoic mind and the duality of opposites that it creates.

The mind creates all the problems and then tries to supply answers to those very problems. The mind creates rebellion. In awakening one doesn't bother rebelling against an Illusion created by the mind. In awakening one can see the truth directly and any rebellion against an illusion falls away. One is at peace with what is in the heart of god.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Osho Teachings are wonderful and specially applicabale for modern generation.

Osho main emphasis was on meditation and being more and more aware in actions.

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