Thursday, July 12, 2007

Attack the knots of your mind

Silence is the warrior's art--and meditation is his sword. It is the central weapon you'll use to cut through your illusions. But understand this: the sword's usefulness depends upon the swordsman. You don't yet know how to use the weapon, so it can become a dangerous, deluding, or useless tool in your hands.

"'Meditation may initially help you to relax. You put your 'sword' on display; you proudly show it to friends. The gleam of this sword distracts many meditators into further illusion until they ultimately abandon it to seek yet another 'inner alternative'.

"The warrior, on the other hand, uses the sword with skill and deep understanding. With it, he cuts the mind to ribbons, slashing through thoughts to reveal their lack of substance. Listen and learn:

Alexander the Great, marching with his armies through the desert,
came upon two thick ropes tied in the massive, convoluted Gordian
knot. No one had been able to untie it until the challenge was given
to Alexander. Without a moment's hesitation he drew his sword
and in one powerful blow he cut the knot in two. He was a warrior!"

"That is how you must learn to attack the knots of your mind--with the sword of meditation. Until one day you transcend your need for any weapon at all."

Dialogue of the Master to his disciple from the book "Way of the Peaceful Warrior " By Dan Millman.


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