Friday, February 16, 2007

Pseudo Vedantic Students

Every Vedantic Teacher when they start their Vedantic lessons start with the statment that to understand Vedanta they have to have the following 4 fold qualifications : 1) Viveka 2) Vairagya 3) ShatSampat 4) Mumukshutva .But no teacher says how to acquire them .They imagine that the student has it or leave it to his / her own responsibility to acquire them . That is the reason why we can see in Major Cities across India and whole world why inspite of many teachers giving Vedantic Lectures for many years very little transformation is happening in people listening to them .In fact it develops negative qualities in people like spiritual pride / egoism that that know the Upanishads , Gita , Brahma Sutra etc and they ridicule people who do yoga / spiritual practices saying will u get Moksha standing Upside down or twisting ur body or holding ur breath ? They also give up the normal pujas dones at home and other Vedic rituals that have been done for Centuries by their forefathers saying that they have crossed all these and have reached a higher level and it is not needed for them .If these people make an enquiry in to their own life they will be shocked to know that Vedanta is only in their lips and not in their heart .They continue to be still jealous , insecure , greedy ,egoistic and spiritually immature .For them Vedanta is just an intellectual stimulation and like parrots they go vomitting it to others what they have heard from their own teachers without doing their own sadhana and trying to understand them at heart or just escape from the reality temporarily by listening to their talks .They are avoiding Spiritual Sadhana / Vedic Karmas not because they have reached a higher level but purely out of laziness and lack of insight in to the operation of these Sadhanas / Karmas . Well I am not saying that listening to Vedantic lectures is not having any impact . There have been many people reformed by listening but the percentage is less .The problem is not in the teachers / their teachings but in the quality of students listening to their talks . Most of the students attending such talks have never prepared their minds or developed the 4 fold qualities needed for easy assimilation of Vedantic Truths .So as a result there is more and more vedantic information but very less transformation .So what is the solution ? The only solution is for people to take up serious Sadhna ( yoga , pranayama , reiki , tai chi , zen meditation , vipassans etc ) and involve in Seva ( any form of social activity- community serivce , charity , social work etc ) or if they are strictly traditional they must follow the Vedic Path of their forefathers ( Pancha Maha Yagna ) that can help purify and refine their mind and make it one pointed and sattvic .So either they follow the New Age techniques or involve in traditional Vedic Karma to purify and stabilise their mind or an intelligent combination of both .Unless and Until such a mind is prepared , Vedantic Truths will be only on their lips and not in their hearts and they can spend years after years just studying more and more books on Vedanta , listening to talks after talks on the same but very little qualitative transformation will be in them .This is what Swami Sivananda said " An Ounce of action is worth Tons of Theory "


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