Thursday, February 15, 2007

Preparation for Higher forms of Meditation

In the last 2 messages of OSHO we find that he has given a new dimension to the concept of Meditation .It is not just OSHO who gave such an insight .Bhagwan Ramana Maharishi , J.Krishnamurthy , Eckhart Tolle , Nisargadatta Maharaj, Papaji have given similar insight . That is according to them Meditaion is not just focussing on an object ( like Mantra , breath , Sound etc ) but involves understanding the "enquirier" i.e person doing the meditation .Another name for this is called "Self Enquiry" or "Atma Vichar" .Now the next question is are all people capable of doing this type of meditation .The answer is no because for doing this type of meditation a person must have the 4 qualities as prescribed by Vedanta for any serious seeker i.e 1) Viveka( Discrimination ) 2) Vairagya( Dispassion ) 3) ShatShampat( keeping the mind one pointed and integrated ) and 4) Mumukshutva ( intense desire for liberation ).It is always easy for people to quote the example of Janaka who was a king but yet lived like a Jnani . People like Janaka are excpetions and we must not fool around thinking we can also be like them .Also people quote the example of Ramana Maharishi saying he did not read anything , he did not do any yoga , he did not go to any guru etc .People are forgetting the fact that Ramana Maharishi left home at young age , did tapas in the underground "Patala Linga " that was at that time infested with sankes , scorpions etc and lived without any food / water for many days .How many are prepared to live like that ? Froget snakes and scorpions , many cant even tolerate ordinary mosuquitoes in their room and need A/C while meditating .So while it is necessary to understand the higher forms of meditation and read about it , one must lay the proper foundation for the same and the best way is the path of yoga i.e ashtanga yoga .If Ashtanga Yoga is understood as a means for a higher purpose and not as an end in itself then it is the best .But the tragedy is many people take Ashtanga Yoga as an end in itself and try to get mystical experiences and feel that the end of spirituality is getting such mystical expereinces .Many people are trapped in this craze for experince of siddhi , samadhi and mystical experinces through yoga and waste their entire lieftime on it .The solution for these people is to shift to the teachings of Bhawan Ramana , Eckhart Tolle , Osho , J.Krishna Murthy etc after they have had a through grounding in the path of yoga .Jnana without yoga is very dry and academic and yoga without Jnana will be incomplete . So you have to combine the path of Yoga & Jnana and that is what Swami Sivananda & Swami Vishnu devananda did .They brought both these wonderful sciences together and gave a combined approach called Yoga Vedanta .More specifically the "Five Points of Yoga" of Swami Vishnu devananda is the best suited for people in current times to be healthy & stress free in their day to day life and also at the same time lay a foundation for their spiritual growth .So in conclusion if you want to really lead a higher form of meditative life on the lines prescribed by Osho / Bhagawan Ramana /Eclhart Tolle then the best is to start first with the Path of Yoga .
I will deal about it in the coming days .



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