Saturday, October 06, 2007

Is having goals good ?

Having goals and dreams and working toward achieving those is fine as far as that goes. But ask yourself what is the goal and dream really about? Are they part of exploring what it is to be human or are they hiding another agenda, namely, satisfying a perceived lack?

If a goal is undertaken to make yourself more complete, to fill some idea of lack that you have then they become obstacles to happiness. This is because this sort of happiness is conditional. What if that goal isn't met, then where is the happiness? What if that goal is met, only to be replaced by the realization that the happiness doesn't last? A new goal will arise and the cycle will continue.

If, on the other hand, you have a goal in mind with no egoic investment then that's different. Meeting or not meeting the goal doesn't really matter then, so happiness or a sense of completeness doesn't rest on it. That sort of goal becomes a way of exploring what's possible rather than fulfilling some idea of need.

So when you do have goals keep attention on whatever the current step is in meeting that goal. In other words, make presence with current action toward achieving that goal the priority. Be wary of thinking that the goal itself has any answers for you in terms of making you better in your own eyes or the eyes of others. That sort of thinking arises out of the ego. Let thinking about the goal be absorbed in whatever the current action is and let the fruit of your actions take care of themselves.

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