Saturday, November 03, 2007

Being in Presence and participating in the world

At the very deepest level of Presence, there is no time and so you cannot function in the world of time. Quite literally, there is no past or future. You are simply immersed in Oneness and the moment of now. All sense of yourself as a separate individual has dissolved. All sense of your self from the past and future has disappeared. You are in Oneness with all that is. It is impossible to know what I am speaking of other than through your own direct experience of what I am speaking of.

At this level of Presence, you cannot function as others do within the world of time. You will need at least two caretakers to care of your day to day needs and to lovingly watch over you. This seems to be the highest level of spiritual attainment. But an even greater challenge is to master the art of balance. We must awaken so fully that we are fundamentally grounded in Presence, but we can participate in the world of time, without getting lost there.

Once you awaken, there are two worlds, the world of the present moment and the past and future world of the mind. At this stage of human evolution, we must master the art of balance and flow between these two worlds. How is this accomplished? As a part of the awakening process, we must hold the right intention. Intend to be present often enough that the present moment will become the very ground and field of your existence. This means that you will have to choose to be present many times each day. When you notice that you have drifted off into the world of thought, memory and imagination, gently bring yourself back to the present moment. You do this by bringing yourself present with that which is already present. That is the key which will liberate you from the world of the mind. If you can see, hear, feel, taste, touch or smell it, it means it is actually here now in this moment with you and so you can be present with it. To be truly present with something that is actually here now will immediately bring you out of the thinking mind into a state of silent and awakened Presence. Your second intention is that when you do play within the world of the mind, which takes you into the world of time, with all its memories, imaginings, thoughts, ideas, concepts, opinions and beliefs, you will not become identified with any of it. You will not believe in any of it as the truth. The past is gone. The future will never arrive. Only this moment is the truth of life. Your third intention is to transcend judgment in your life. The energy of judgment imprisons you in separation. To transcend judgment, simply own it, acknowledge it and confess it whenever it arises, without judgment. Your fourth intention is to live as an expression of love and truth in this world, even when you are functioning within the world of time. No longer functioning as an ego in a world of separation, your expression at the personal level, within time, is now in perfect alignment with the impersonal and eternal dimension of you. In other words, you are now a personal expression of the impersonal, and you are an expression of love, truth, acceptance and compassion.

To reach this level of consciousness is a process. You will make mistakes. You will get caught in the mind, or in emotional reaction. When you notice yourself acting or reacting from within the mind and ego, simply acknowledge it and then disengage from it, without any sense of judgment of yourself. Just notice when you are in the mind and then bring yourself present. That is the only solution. There is no other way. You may need to allow the ego its expression, for you do not want there to be any hint of judgment, repression or denial. You may need to allow emotions into conscious expression for exactly the same reason. Do not even have the sense that you need to fix or improve yourself, for that is a very subtle form of judgment. Just allow it all to surface into the bright light of consciousness. Only acknowledgment, love and acceptance of everything that you have been denying, hiding and repressing will bring about the alchemy of healing and transformation.

Leonard Jacobson



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