Wednesday, May 16, 2007

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Dear Friends

I have started one more blog of mine called to share my knowledge and insights on the Science of Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga .This spiritual message blog will be mostly containing messages related to Non dual teachings of Bhagawan Ramana Maharishi , Osho , Eckhart Tolle , Atmananda Krishna Menon ,Papaji , Vernon Howard , Jean Klein , Nisargadatta Maharaj , J .Krishnamurthy and other non dual teachers .

Why 2 separate blogs ?

There is a fundamental difference between the teachings of Yoga and teachings of Advaita Vedanta ( also called as Jnana Yoga or Non Dual teachings ) .In Yoga we accept body and mind as real and do all form of sadhana ( i.e spiritual practices ) to purify and stabilize the mind but in Advaita Vedanta ( i.e Non Dual teachings ) Mind and Body are treated as unreal and only the Self is treated as real and the general assumption in that is all efforts to purify / control the mind will not work and only "Enquiry in to the Self " will lead to eternal peace and happiness .
So we need not worry about that .We need not confuse with this .Yoga acts as a foundation for Vedanta . A person whose mind/body is not prepared through yoga cannot assimilate Vedanta or Non dual teachings and a person who is fully involved in yoga practices and if he does not expose himself to Vedanta /Non dual teachings will get stagnated in his sadhana and will not progress further in his spiritual life .
So both Yoga and Vedanta ( Non dual teachings ) are required and it is better to start first with Yoga and then move to Vedanta ( Non dual teachings ) .Of course there are some very mature souls who can directly go in to Vedanta ( Non dual teachings ) but such individuals are very rare and it is better to have an intense yoga practice along with a study of Vedanta ( Non Dual Teachings ) .
So for all Yoga Related Teachings kindly refer my yoga blog( and for all Vedantic ( Non dual ) realted teachings kindly refer this blog itself .Kindly also share ur feedback with me either through email or in this blog itself as a comment .

with pranams




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