Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mind should be made no-mind. No-mind means `I do nothing

Mind exists because you have created it and are taking it to be yourself. To put it another way, you, the subject, have projected an object called "I," and that object is now taking itself to be the subject! Where have you, the subject gone? Nowhere. You remain as the subject, but you are currently identifying with the mind, which is an object of your own creation. The mind is the apparent source of all the activity which you take to be you doing this or that. It is a phantom, not a real being. Maharaj says that the mind should be made no-mind, which means that it should be recognized as false, as only a projection, and not the center of independent activity that it pretends to be. The mind then reverts to its original condition of pure consciousness, no-mind, or thoughtless reality.

Ranjit Maharaj's Teachings


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